Using Business Quotes to Drive Your Business Direction and Success

As a businessman, you must have something that motivates you to succeed. As a company staff, university student, housewife or even a freelancer and a preacher-man, you must have something that motivates you to continue in that chosen line or pursuits. For many people, what motivates them to succeed is the hope of profit and reward, for some it is their family and personal needs, and for some it could be some mundane things like fame and success itself. But whatever the case, business quotes from highly successful people have been known to motivate many others to succeed and have helped steer businesses in the right success direction. You can also apply the apt wisdoms and the innate strengths in rich business quotes to motivate yourself and move your business in the right direction. Below are just a few to consider:

a. In the business world, the rear-view mirror is always clearer than the windshield (Warren Buffet): With this quote, Warren Buffet is underlining the importance of taking stocks and reviews of your businesses as you go along. With this quote, you get motivated to always analyze how your business is doing in the light of its past and present performances, and you then know how to position things vis-a-vis the challenges you face as you go along.

b. Designing your product for monetization first, and people second will probably leave you with neither (Tara Hunt): Tara Hunt is teaching people through this quote to design products to meet people’s needs first with little consideration for money or profits when you are just starting out in business. With this quote, you are motivated to understand that the money is in meeting people’s needs first. People gladly part with their money when you meet their needs through the products and services you create. So don’t go first for the money, go for people, and they will offer you their money in response to your products.

c. Business has only two basic functions – marketing and innovations (Peter Drucker): You will be motivated through this quote that the value of any business venture or investment lies in the creative innovations behind the business, and the marketing of such innovations to sustain the business. With this understanding, you will explore more innovations to set your business apart, and then sell/market these innovations to underline the worth of our businesses. Without creative ideas and the ability to market them successfully, any business is as good as dead and worthless.

d. To succeed as a team is to hold all of the members accountable for their expertise (Mitchell Caplan): This quote underscores the importance of giving your staff the leeway to prove their technical and professional worth to your business, while still holding them responsible for decisions and actions they take as a function of their expertise. You allow your staff to grow and develop your business in the most professional way they see fit, while making them understand that they will be responsible for errors of judgement that affect the business.

e. The more I know about business, the more I’m convinced that it is conducted in homes and churches far more than in office buildings (Laura Moncur): Laura Moncur is here saying that the success of any business is not limited to the offices, but that you must go on marketing and promoting your business even at homes and churches and other private or social gatherings. Most business contracts and projects have been won through contacts with people outside the immediate sphere of your business realms.

f. In the modern world of business, it is useless to be a creative original thinker unless you can also sell what you create (David M. Ogilvy): This man is here stating that the value and essence of any business is in making money and sustaining itself and its workers. The business cannot be differentiated from the workers, but the workers’ values lie in their abilities to market the expertise needed to make the business succeed. With this business quotation, you will be motivated to market your business expertise to keep the business in place or you might lose your place within the business structures.

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