Bad News: 7 Ways Sugar Destroys Your Sex Life

It does not matter whether you’re a man or a woman: excess sugar is bad for you and it kills your sexual health. So if you consume a lot of sugar in sweetened beverages and soft drinks and snacks, it is high time you cut it down to boost your sex life or you might have yourself to blame and your spouse whining for immediate action.

  • Sugar causes erectile dysfunction: Sugar affects the availability of nitric oxide and testosterone which both men and women need for sexual drive and function. Get this right: testosterone promotes both penile and clitoral erection, needed by man for active sex and woman for pleasurable orgasm.

7 Ways Sugar Destroys Your Sex Life

  • Sugar causes extreme fatigue: If you’re looking forward to a pleasurable night and still consumes tons of sugar from snacks and soft drinks, then you might as well bid your sex life a bye-bye. When your blood sugar rises, the pancreases overworks itself to secrete enough insulin to contain the sugar and prevent organ damage, and this takes a toll on the body if your body constantly has to work to reduce blood sugar.
  • Sugar causes obesity: Too much sugar in the blood leads to ultimate obesity if the individual does not exercise to reverse it. With obesity comes type 2 diabetes which causes erectile dysfunction and causes sexual frustration for couples.
  • Excess leads to vaginal dryness: Several studies are needed to corroborate this, but a few studies have found a relationship between excess sugar and vaginal dryness in women. This as you already know causes painful sex instead of pleasurable intercourse.
  • Sugar causes bacterial and yeast infections: This is almost related to the above, but high blood sugar creates a conducive environment for bacteria and yeast to grow in the vagina, leading to bladder or urinary tract infection which will in turn affect sexual activity in women.
  • Sugar kills your sex hormones: When you have too much sugar in your blood, it affects the production of endorphins, serotonin and dopamine among other hormones which play a part in healthy sexual functions. An irregular level of these hormones will ruin sexual intimacy, and make lovemaking a bore to spouses in a loving relationship.
  • Sugar leads to mental and body stress: Blood sugar has been fingered in rising cortisol level, leading to mental and body stress which in turn affects sexual stimuli and response. To enjoy a rewarding time with your spouse, you need to cut down on sugar and see how your genitals appreciate this move to help them function better in serving your intimacy needs.

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