Hiring Process: 4 Tips for Hiring Employees for a Small Business

If you own a small business, then you are most likely very familiar with the trials and tribulations that come with trying to swim with whales when you are only a small fish. Small business cannot afford to take as many risks as big corporations, so any major decisions must be handled with extra care. Hiring new talent is especially tricky, considering how much you’ll invest in each of your employees takes up a large part of your resources.

Hiring Process

Here are a few tips:

1. Employ a very thorough interview process.

Taking your time interviewing employees is the best way to ensure that a candidate has solid potential. Natuurlik, it’s possible for an interview to go extremely well and for the new hire to be completely incompetent, but generally speaking, a good interview that asks about the candidate’s experience and interests speaks volumes about their potential, more so than a resume or cover letter.

2. Make sure that the potential hire would fit in a small business culture.

One thing that you should ensure before hiring anyone is how comfortable they feel working for a small business, especially if you are interviewing someone who has only worked with large corporations. Finding out how a potential candidate would mesh with a small business culture is very important because even if you hire a top candidate, if they do not understand the flow and organization that is typical of small businesses, the new hires won’t flourish.

3. Take advantage of employee referrals.

Employee referrals are usually the best way to attract top candidates without having to spend a fortune. Usually, a current employee will refer a friend or acquaintance only if they feel that they are talented and would fit in well, simply because someone who works for you now would not want to embarrass themselves. As such, be sure to ask your best current employees if they know anyone who would work well in your organization.

4. Have another person other than you conduct an additional interview.

As mentioned above, having a thorough interview process is the most important part of hiring a good employee. Maar, this means more than just asking thorough questions. A good interview process entails having many parts to the interview, and also ensuring that other employees who will work more closely with the new hire are involved with talking to the candidate as well.

Natuurlik, many small businesses are hesitant to even hire new full-time workers, simply because of the costs, and they choose to go the contract route instead. Still, if you are painstaking during the hiring process, you could potential develop a very solid team that will be a definite asset as your company begins to grow.

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