5 Ways to Promote Your Business and Make More Money In 2014

5 Ways to Promote Your Business and Make More Money In 2014Whether you are a new business owner or an established business conglomerate, you should have two major plans for your business in 2014, and these should be – promote your business - make more money. If you do not plan to make more money then you shouldn’t be in business, and if you do not plan to promote your business then you wouldn’t be making any money. You must have been aware that advertising is the traditional way of promoting or marketing your business – but it is way too costly, and way too limited in reach to be very effective, moreover, the results of your advertising campaigns can be very difficult to measure.

But you’re now about to learn 5 ways to promote your business and to make more money in 2014. Let your minds be open if you’ve heard of these methods before, because you are sure going to be receiving new insights into how they work to promote your business and help you make more money in 2014.

אני. Use public forums like www.nairaland.com: Founded by Seun Osewa about a decade ago, www.nairaland.com is arguably the largest public forum in Nigeria and Africa, with ability to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with other forums in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. With over 1,000,000 registered members posting in over 50 categories or sections covering science and tech, investment, business, politics, autos, religion, literature, games, computers, webmasters, travel, food, career, job vacancies, properties, entertainment, phones, and what-have-you – Nairaland is a marketplace of activity and a business hub for many Nigerians, Africans, and westerners as well. With unique visitors of over 200,000(יוני 2013 estimate) per day engaged in one trending topic or the other on the site, this is the hub you need to promote your products and market your business. And for the records, over 50 persons report meeting their employers on this site, and thousands others report making huge product sales after they have posted their product details/adverts and contact info on this huge marketplace of business activity.

ii. Use www.Puzzle4Prize.com: Although relatively new to the block, this site has a massive idea and technology behind it. It largely brings business owners and customers together, and provides them with a one-on-one platform to engage one another on products and services. Customers have the rare opportunity of meeting personally (through this site of course) and relating with business owners and product creators with a view to purchasing more products, and business owners have the liberty of rewarding these customers for their loyalty. Puzzle4Prize.com is relatively affordable for business owners to use. The platform provides the opportunity for business owners and customers or the general public to relate together and engage one another in profitable relationships. You could leverage upon this power of engagement today – and meet with your potential customers or users on Puzzle4Prize to pave ways to making more money in 2014. Click here to learn how it works.

iii. Use digital advertising methods: We stated earlier that traditional advertising methods of using radio/television/newspaper advertising are very costly, limited in reach, and not easy to measure – but this is never the case with digital or internet advertising, most especially if you’re using popular Google, Yahoo, ו even Addynamo ad strategies. Using these digital ad mediums are much more effective and targeted directly at your potential customers within their own demographics, and these are also affordable to sustain on the long term because you are largely billed when targeted customers perform a definite action on your placed ads. These ad network giants also give you the opportunity to customize your ad budget and ad campaigns to PPC, CPM, banner ads, text ads, and various other ad models. To make more money with your business in 2014, you must promote your business to have more online visibility through these paid ad channels.

iv. Use social media platforms: There are tens of social media sites, but the most popular among these are Facebook and Twitter, hence our discussion on these two for now. You are probably a Facebook or Twitter user, but have you learnt how to unlock these two social media to make money and to promote your business for free? To start with, how many friends do you have or follow on Facebook and Twitter respectively? All these friends, and their own friends, and their own network of friends, are potential customers!

For your information on the powers of Facebook and Twitter, please check out this link facts and figures on the powers of Facebook to know how to tap into the potentials of this gigantic business tool. You can also see other information about Facebook to fully understand what Facebook can do for your business. Meanwhile, you must also of necessity check out social media today to see the vast powers of Twitter; and remember to see media bistro to see confirm what a Twitter account can do for your business if properly managed.

v. Use specialized blogs: If you’re based or located within Nigeria, then targeting Nigerian customers should be the first way to go – and you must utilize the powers of successful Nigerian blogs or websites that have won the respects and loyalty of many Nigerians. You must find a blog in your desired niche or industry, and then leverage on the traffic and users of such websites to promote your own business and make more money in 2014. For instance, you can leverage on www.techcabal.com ו www.ogbongeblog.com for any mobile and internet technology business; and check out www.lindaikeji.blogspot.com ו www.stelladimokokorkus.com for any entertainment news and celebrity gists in Nigeria – and for your information, www.lindaikeji.blogspot.com is owned by Linda Ikeji, a young lady that continues to make millions daily from her blog and from the over 50,000 registered users on her site and the 70,000+ visitors that traffic her blog every day. You can direct thousands of her visitors or users to your own website through simple article and product links, or even market your products to them right there on Linda Ikeji’s blog and make money right there.

Now do you have any excuse for not making it big in 2014? No, you don’t! If only you’d apply the aforementioned free-business-promotion-strategies to your business with a view to making more money in 2014.

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