Monthly Archive:: September 2012

From Russia to Nigeria with Love

When I first came to Abuja in May 2009, I had a very strange feeling. It was my first trip to Nigeria and to Africa in general, and everything around me was very different from what I was used to in my own country: ...Read More

“The Eden Before Us”

No, the title does not depict a Nollywood/Bollywood/Hollywood movie you love to watch, its MORE interesting and educating than all put together! “The Eden Before Us” is the theme of a wide life metal-morphosis sculptures exhibition by award winning artist- Akeem A Muraina. The ...Read More

How to Make Your Business Highly Competitive

In business, we talk about competitors, competitive posture, competitive analysis, and so on. Yet, there is little training to teach how to be competitive. There are lots of words written about how a business needs to differentiate itself, how it needs to stand out ...Read More

Place of PR in Brand Campaign

Question: My lecturer ‘confessed’ reading your column regularly. She often stressed the gains derivable from how you ‘practicalize’ marketing. A project for my post-graduate work has prompted contacting you, through this medium, to kindly provide me with hints about the place of public relations ...Read More