Monthly Archive:: July 2012

Preparing for Childbirth? Learn from this Family

Are you expecting a baby? How much do you and your husband know about the coming experience of childbirth? For many couples the picture of childbirth is hazy and dotted with fallacies that cause unnecessary fear, even panic. When I became pregnant, my husband ...Read More

Return of Supermarkets

Question: I am beginning to notice a shift from what occurred almost two decades ago, when well-known retail supermarkets wound up their businesses in Nigeria. It seems presently another set of such large ventures are beginning to show up in the country. Please enlighten ...Read More

How Can You Make Color Work For You?

Why do you enjoy looking at a cloudless sky? What makes you gaze at a display of pretty flowers? When a rainbow forms nearby, what motivates you to stare at it? In each case, is it not the lovely colors? Color has a powerful ...Read More

Teacher’s Role as Scholar

The teacher today has to perform increasingly multi-faced roles. Till yesterday, the teacher’s major role was to assign, interrogate, review, reward and punish. Emphasis was placed on memorization of facts and bits of information through rote learning. Today, the teacher’s role is far more ...Read More