Monthly Archive:: May 2012

Not All “Bargains” Are Real Bargains

‘Need a way to buy salvage cars online? get a free automobile when you buy a new house from us.’ So read the realtor’s advertisement. But when a Better Business Bureau agent called and said he was not interested in the auto, the salesman offered him ...Read More

How to Be a Good Teacher

“MOMMY, show me how! I want to do it!” cries a little five-year-old. What is she asking of her mother? Be my teacher. No matter what your situation in life, you are often required to be a teacher. Every time you give directions from ...Read More

People Need a Sound Guide

Travelers know the value of dependable maps. Repairmen may consult manuals before undertaking a particular job. Even experienced cooks may use others’ recipes. Regardless of what activity a person might pursue, he will likely benefit from some kind of guide. In caring for daily ...Read More

Creating Financial Security for Your Small Business

Many people worry about financial security and entrepreneurs may have even more worries. Many small business owners are not only concerned with putting dinner on their, table, but they also worry about staying open, providing continuing work for their employees and growing their businesses. ...Read More