Monthly Archive:: April 2012

Coping with Slump Periods

“Always happy, always happy, every day the sun is shining.” Thus began an old folk song. But is this really the case? In most lands there are cloudy days, rainy days, overcast, wintry days, days when the sun does not appear all day long. ...Read More

Making a Job for Yourself

OUT of work? There certainly is nothing pleasant about being unemployed, is there? Especially is this so if you must feed, clothe and house a family. For these and many other reasons, you need an income—and most likely a good job. If you are ...Read More

Are You Ready for Your Newcomer?

It had been a rough day. Nothing seemed to have gone well. The directors were not pleased with the sales figures. Customers were complaining because of not receiving on time the goods they ordered. An atmosphere of gloom prevailed in the office the whole ...Read More