Monthly Archive:: January 2012

Marketing to the Poor

Question: May God continue to bless your works for the impactful response to my request for hints, on what to do in order for Nigerians to give a little to change the lives of the rural poor. It was quite rewarding to me personally ...Read More

It’s a Big Job to Be A Good Parent

Being a good parent is a big job, especially in these days. In fact, it is likely more challenging now than in any other period of human history. The father is usually gone all day, out of sight of his children. Some hold down ...Read More

What’s a Moving Average?

As more and more stock traders enter the markets, technical analysis is becoming the research tool of choice. Traders, people who try to capitalise on the short term movements of a stock, prefer to use chart or technical analysis more heavily than fundamental analysis ...Read More

Are You Accident-Prone?

Suddenly deciding to ride with a neighbour, a man rushed out his front door as the neighbor’s car was beginning to pull away. Failing to see a pipe that workmen had laid on the sidewalk, he tripped and broke a kneecap. A few years later ...Read More