10 Jobs Për nigerianëve që duan të udhëtojnë Round Botërore

Njerëzit me një ndjenjë të shfrenuar për bredhje mund të shpejt të ndjehen drenazhuar në mendimin e shpenzimeve jetën e tyre në një punë që i mban ato në një vend të caktuar për një kohë shumë të gjatë. Për këta njerëz, jetesës shëtitës është më e mira.

If you are one of those people who love hitting the road frequently, sleeping in new cities, tasting new foods and learning about new cultures, you definitely want to pursue a career that allows you explore the world on your own terms.

Për 42% of business travellers book their hotels using smartphones and this has allowed hotels.ng (an online hotel booking service for people seeking affordable room rates in Nigeria) to determine the categories of business travellers who travel the most around the world.

10 Jobs Për nigerianëve që duan të udhëtojnë Round Botërore

Here are the top 10 jobs that guarantee you a career of touring the world:

1. Sports Recruiter

If you land a job with sports organizations as a sports recruiter, your job description will require you to travel to sporting events around the country to scout for and recruit new talent.

To truly enjoy this job, you need to be passionate about sports!

2. Financial Auditor

Do you like numbers? How does the idea of earning money examining the financial records and tax info of businesses around the world sound? Good? Then you should become an auditor!

The world’s auditors are expected to grow by 11% before 2024, because this job requires you to make stops at various parts of the world on business.

3. Construction Manager

The pay is good, and you get to travel often because of the multiple on-site jobs. You may find yourself spending a few months at a particular location to finish a construction project. Even if you cannot become a manager right away because of your qualifications, you can always get in as support staff.

4. Travelling Consultant

A consultant is every company’s go-to guy when they have a problem. With your specialized knowledge, your services will be required all around the countryand around the world. Keeping your relationships with clients warm and mutualistic will require you making regular trips.

5. Work on a Cruise Ship

Working on a cruise ship has to be one of the top dream jobs of people who love travelling. Mendoni për këtë: you are basically getting paid to travel the world while getting food and a place to sleep on the house. It hardly even matters the nature of your job on the cruise ship.

6. Wedding Photographer

You know all those destination wedding photos on Bella Naija? The photographer has to be in the location to take those shots! How cool is that? With a good quality camera and a good eye for lighting and colors, you too can earn a living travelling with the couple to take really sweet photos.

7. Event Planner

Quite like the wedding photography thing, there is great promise for you if you are an event planner. You may decide to focus on local events (parties, weddings, birthdays) but the real travel juice is in organizing national and international events like festivals, conferences and trade shows.

8. The Corporate Role of an Executive Assistant

If you do not mind, you can take on the job of being a top-level professional’s executive assistant, which means you will be travelling right beside the boss for business trips! It’s a great technique for building up your resume too!

9. Field Service Engineers

You are the go-to person when a customer needs help installing or repairing a product. If you are a field service engineer for an international company, you will undergo extensive training and travel extensively to interesting places around the world.

10. Retail Buyer/Seller

Great business choice if you love fashionable items and have wanderlust: a retailing in career might just be your calling. Buy rare items in one country, sell in another!

That is not all! Other jobs you should consider if you love travelling include being a flight attendant, international aid worker, sales representative, travel agent, dhe travel writer.

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